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Published: 23rd May 2011
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Barbecue and smoking aficionado who are fond of cooking their smoked food just like in the restaurant chooses Bradley Smokers. What makes Bradley smoker different from the regular smokers is its maintenance, easy operation and running expenses. When the Bradley Smoker starts to smoke the person can now focus to his or her other activities and just leave the smoker while it's cooking. After a few hours you can check the smoker if the food is ready and take pleasure in a delectable feast. Once you are finished using the smoker the maintenance is simple and does not require a lot of time.

The profits of Bradley Smoker Bisquettes

The Bradley smoker uses wide mixtures of wood bisquettes which comes in different flavors for example hickory, mesquite and apple. These wood bisquettes are ideal for instilling wonderful aroma and taste in vegetables, seafood and meat.

These are the added essential benefits when using Bradley Smoker Bisquettes.

- Excellent Smoke: The flavored bisquettes of Bradley Smoker doesn't incinerate and turn into ashes. An obvious difference in the result occurs when dusts or chippings are burn down that releases smoke in the conventional burn boxes. Traditional methods can provide a harsh or bitter taste to the smoked food if not cautiously controlled.

- Calm and Cool Constant Smoke: When the bisquettes are loaded in the Bradley smoker it is able to generate continuous smoke for 8 hours with no problems that are related to different draft since the wind force and course changes randomly. The Bradley flavored bisquettes produces smoke in the midst of stability and certainty.

Key Characteristics of Bradley Smoker (Review)

The Bradley Smoker is not painted rather its exterior is completely covered with insulated powder steel. In this way it prevents the paint from peeling, rusting or fading to occur which makes this equipment very efficient and last longer. The interior of the insulated body is covered with aluminum that prevents the occurrence of rust and corrosion. It has four (4) stainless and rust free 11 by 15 inches nickel plated cooking racks. Furthermore, this smoker has a spacious area for smoking big amount of food with an area of 572 square inches with a cooking temperature of 140oF to 320oF (60C to 160C). A head slide switch is used for controlling the preferred temperature and an integrated temperature gauge for temperature monitoring. Also, a lifetime warranty is provided.


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